• Prajakt Raut

    Managing Partner - Caret Capital

    (Formerly called Supply Chain Labs)


    Founder Applyifi


    Author - Starting Up & Fund Raising

  • Prajakt is an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship evangelist.

    His personal goal in life is to encourage and assist 100,000 people to become entrepreneurs.


    Prajakt has over 30 years of multi-faceted experience as an entrepreneur, professional, startup eco-system builder, mentor and investor.


    Prajakt is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Caret Capital  (Formerly called Supply Chain Labs) - a Venture Capital Fund focused on startups recalibrating India's value chain. He is also the founder of Applyifi, a company that provides startups access to capital + deep-engaged mentoring,


    Previously, Prajakt was head of operations at Indian Angel Network and Asia Director for The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). He also co-founded Orange Cross and was a founding member of Idealake Technologies. Prajakt is a core team member of Excelerate, a global network of acomplished individuals committed to the cause of helping startups and corporates discover each other.


    In his teens, Prajakt started a printing business, which his family continues to run. Prajakt also spent 10 years in marketing and advertising agencies handling marquee brands across Asia.


    Prajakt’s book, ‘Starting Up & Fund Raising’, helps entrepreneurs understand the perspective of investors and the building blocks of a business.


    Prajakt blogs on The Hub for Startups and on prajaktraut.medium.com.


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    A guide book by Prajakt Raut

    for startups to get better prepared for business and fund raising

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    Cartet Capital (Formally called Supply Chain Labs) is venture capital fund that invests in startup recalibrating India's value chain.



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    Provides startups access to capital + deep-engaged mentoring.



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    The Hub for Startups

    The Hub for Startups is Prajakt's resource centre for startups and early-stage companies.


    It has a collection of articles from his experiences as an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship evangelist.


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